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Tips for living with ADHD

What can you do to help manage your/your child's ADHD symptoms?

There are some things everyone can do to help manage their ADHD symptoms. Learn as much as you can about ADHD by reading books, watching videos, and visiting websites. Make sure to get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise. Find a routine that works for you, and stick to it—and don't forget to follow up with your doctor regularly.

Check out the tips below for managing ADHD at all ages.

  • Read books written for kids on ADHD
  • Go online with your parent's help and access websites for children on ADHD
Have a routine
  • Talk to your parents, teachers, and doctor about what routines you find helpful at home or school
Gain helpful skills
  • Find out about and practice skills that will help you stay organized
  • Learn to keyboard
Talk about it
  • Talk to your parents about your feelings and problems that you may be having
  • Talk to your doctor about problems that you may be having at home or at school
  • Talk to your teachers about problems that you are having at school
  • Talk to your friends about your ADHD. It may help them to understand you better
At home
  • Promote safety and structure in the home
  • Use white board reminders to create structure and promote family communication
  • Monitor homework output and use a clock timer to divide tasks into "bite-sized chunks"
Offer support and feedback
  • Build your child's confidence by discovering and reinforcing those things that they enjoy and/or do well
  • Use daily positive report cards to encourage positive habit development
  • Visit websites with information on ADHD
  • Learn about possible accommodations that you can access at school
Talk about it
  • Advocate for your needs in the school system, and ask your school to put the appropriate accommodations in place to assist you with your ADHD symptoms
  • Talk to your parents, teachers, and any other adults about your feelings and concerns about your ADHD
  • Let your parents and teachers know what types of things you find helpful when dealing with your ADHD
  • Read books and watch videos about ADHD in adults
Use organizational tools
  • Use assistive and organizational technologies, such as writing and communication software, a talking word processor, or a typing program, to help manage written tasks
  • Use programmable watches, electronic organizers, and smart phones to help stay organized and to set up useful reminders
Talk about it
  • Look online for information about support groups in your area
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